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Learning a musical instrument is an exciting endeavor.  Whether or not one goes on to perform professionally, knowing how to play an instrument and to read music can provide enjoyment that will continue throughout all stages of life.  I offer lessons to students of all ages at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels.   
Being a jazz pianist requires technique, imagination, and deft facility.  Perhaps the most important skill a musician can strive for, however, is the ability to listen -- to empathize with and react in the moment to what fellow band members are playing.  
I am a jazz pianist, as well as a teacher with over 35 years of experience, performing, recording, and teaching.  I have specific ideas as to what it takes to be a successful jazz musician. Whether it be interacting with the rhythm section, supporting a vocalist or soloist, having a firm grasp of harmony and technique, I can put you on the right path to playing this great music.  
There is no time like the present to immerse yourself in the tradition of Bud Powell, Lee Morgan, Sonny Rollins, and Clifford Brown.  Who knows, your name may one day be appended to this list.
Some of my fondest memories of my final ten years living in New York City came out of teaching piano to students between the ages of five and seventeen at the Sacred Heart School in Yonkers, N.Y. During my years there I found that patience, humor, and a willingness to impart my passion for music were instrumental in forming a strong rapport with my students.
Students have come to me for a variety of reasons.  Although many come to learn jazz harmony and improvisation, I have had adult beginners, as well as those who have been away from the piano for several decades and wanted to renew their study.    
In addition to my teaching at Sacred Heart I worked extensively as a professional jazz musician, touring the U.S., Europe, and Japan, as well as performing at such New York Venues as The Blue Note, Village Vanguard, The Village Gate, Lincoln Center, and S.F. Jazz.    
In order to get the most out of your lessons there are a few points that I would like to touch on.   I am sure that most have heard the old joke about how to get to Carnegie Hall.  Well as corny as it sounds, it is true – practice is the key to learning!  A regular practice routine is essential and provides the student with a solid foundation.  At the beginning level I recommend 20 minutes a day, while intermediate students should practice for at least an hour.  But the key is to be consistent.   Even if you can only practice 10 minutes a day (I understand that work takes precedent) this is preferable to missing a day of practice.   
Finally, the most important thing for you to remember is that you should have fun learning the piano.  I will do my best to make the lessons interesting and to instill a sense of enjoyment from music.  Whether you are a grade schooler, an adult seeking to expand his or her horizons, or a retiree with plenty of time to practice, piano lessons will be a profound addition to your life.  Email or call for scheduling and rates. I am now offering lessons via skype. 
917 929-8715
Student Reviews 
His knowledge of music is incredible and he makes it look so easy! Keith was great to learn from, he gave lots of good insights into improv, and yet knew classical piano very well too. He knew the right angles on how to approach a piece for the first time and and helped me with nuances that I had never before heard from other teachers. Thanks Keith!              
- Winona A
Keith is remarkably knowledgeable in music and theory - both traditional and otherwise (jazz and improvisation are his two middle names!). He understands exactly what guidance I need to learn quickly and achieve my goals, and communicates concepts very clearly. He makes learning music fun and easy! He tailors weekly exercises according to my ability and drive, and works with music pieces that are most interesting to me.   I am very pleased to be Keith's student, and would highly recommend him as a teacher!  5/5 stars

-- Anna F.



As an older newbie to the piano along with some medical challenges, I was somewhat apprehensive about taking lessons. I have had some piano training previously, and never thought that I would "ever get it." After only a few lessons with Keith, I am already beginning to feel more confident.

Keith is a very gentle soul. He is incredibly patient and understanding, and always seems to find a different way to explain something if I don't get it the first time. He mixes music theory along with basic exercises, and of course songs to give me a very comprehensive lesson. His hourly rate is extremely reasonable.

I feel very comfortable with Keith and I find myself practicing more than I ever did before with other teachers.

Alan G. 


Piano Lessons